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GMB Guru

Google My Business (GMB) is critical to any local company wanting to show up in Google search results & Maps. We’ve put together this guide to optimizing your GMB listing so you can take advantage of this product, own your branded search results, and ultimately earn more customers.

Where do you search for anything on the internet, GOOGLE.
Whether it is from an iPhone (safari) Samsung (Google) Tablet, Laptop, Computer, Google provide the answers 

Google is one of the biggest data companies in the world,
So how does the internet find a business like yours, With great difficulty if you do not have everything in order,
Let us do the hard work to get your business on TOP of page one of Google
For £35 a month let our GMB Guru team handle the creation and updating of your Google My Business,  To help you boost to the top local search in Google:

Outshine your competitors in 4 Words: Google My Business Guru

There are a hundreds other businesses in your niche in your local area on Google. To fully surpass their rankings, you need exemplary good strategies. Thankfully, the techniques of GMB Guru will make businesses like your's go from the unknown top of Google local search,   From keyword optimizing to impressive content creation to backlinks to citations management – we are nailing it!

GMB Guru Knows Google Comes First
Google is such a fundamental to local business asset that without Google, It's like having a Car without Fuel, Your Google My Business listing is the most important listing to develop and manage well. Google’s domination of local search makes your listing there incredibly valuable.
Making You Stand Out 
The website builder will automatically generate an initial website for you, pre-populated with your business’ name, location, hours, contact information, posts, catalogue, and photos.
We are here to help small business owners bypass the challenges & time,

What is Google My Business you ask,

Google My Business is an Internet-based service for businesses and operated by Google. The network launched in June 2014 as a way of giving business owners more control of what shows in the search results when someone searches a given business name. Google allows businesses to verify their own business data via creating a new profile or claiming an existing auto-generated profile.The Google My Business listing appears in the Google Maps section of Google as well as the "Local Pack" for qualifying search queries.
Do not let your business lose out ot your competitors.

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